Education for Life

Founded in 1985 by Thai Sikh Community, the school has become one of the most successful international schools in Thailand to produce students with academic excellency.

TSIS is an institution where the child blossoms to full potential with the cherished mission “Education for Life”.

Message from Headmaster

Welcome to TSIS!

Education in our school is about making a positive difference in the lives of children. It is about helping them to gain knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to enable them to successfully face the challenges in different stages of life.

Our school, as outlined in our mission statement, inspires the students to be life long learners striving for excellence in all spheres of life. Our academic programs, Co-curricular Activities and extra-curricular activities are enjoyable, genuinely enriching and fulfilling in their own right; they teach our youngsters such important attributes as academic excellence, creativity, selfless service, improvisation and teamwork.

The successful TSIS graduates studying in the renowned universities in Thailand and abroad, the number of stunning high achievers in CIE examinations, the creativity displayed by our students at different school functions, the rich number of clubs and societies we offer and dedicated staff here are testament to the reputation we enjoy in the region.

I am sure a journey through the detailed information on activities and programmes listed here would help you to make an informed decision of seeking admission in this happy school.


Head Master

School Philosophy
Our Philosophy is to promote among the students:
  • Mutual recognition of and respect for various cultures and traditions
  • Visualisation of changes as the pre-requisite for all human progress without discrimination of colour, race, sex or creed.
  • Awareness that the youngsters of today are the leaders of tomorrow in all spheres of life.
  • Sympathy towards and compassion for the suffering lot of humanity.
  • Belief in world harmony, peace and cooperation.
The curriculum provided by the school plays a predominant role in shaping the students and translating the above philosophy into reality. This is evident in the mission of the school which works towards Education for Life. The Mission of the school is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives based on:
  • Quest for excellence in all spheres of life.
  • Practice of universal human values
  • Creativity as a way of life
  • Promoting the well being of all humanity ( Sarbat Da Bhalla)
In the context of the school Philosophy and the Mission, the Objectives of the Institution are to:
  • Prepare the students towards the achievement of academic excellence in the context of life long learning.
  • Provide the students with social skills, emotional maturity, and psychological fortitude.
  • Prepare the students to live in a multicultural, multi-religious, and international community.
  • Promote among the students intellectual flexibility and creativity.
  • Train the students, through aesthetic education, to appreciate the finest human endeavour in the fields of art, culture and literature.
  • Nurture among the students leadership qualities.
  • Encourage individual thinking and personal organization
  • Motivate the students to develop competitive spirit and healthy sportsmanship.
School History

Thai Sikh International School was founded in 1985 by the Thai Sikh Organization, a registered body under the Royal Thai Government . It is a charitable and non-profit making institution. Registered under the Ministry of Education of the Royal Thai Government as an International School , it is a Registered Participating Institution of the CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) ,Edexcel International and AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance) where in students are prepared for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) , GCSE and GCE ‘A’ Level Examinations.

In June 1994, TSIS became a Registered Participating Institution for International GCE ‘O’ Level Examination conducted by University of London (Reg. no 86761). As a result, the candidates from the school could appear for the GCE ‘O’ Level Exams at TSIS itself as the Examination Centre.

TSIS reached another milestone by commencing the ‘A’ Level classes from the academic year 2007-08. Suitably qualified and experienced teachers have been appointed.

CIS Accreditation

CIS Accreditation is the act of certifying that an educational institution maintains suitable standards of Professional performance in International Education and has a commitment to its continuing improvement. TSIS has been a member of the CIS for the past seven years and thus is already a part of the Global Network of International Educators. Today, there are only 300 schools which are Accredited by the CIS. TSIS is aspiring to be one of these elite educational institutions, worldwide.

Seven Areas of School Operations
Philosophy & Objectives
Governance & Management
Student Support Services
Student & Community Life
CIS Accreditation Benefits
  • The award of accreditation itself.
  • The opportunity for self assessment.
  • The opportunity for improved Intra-school contact and understanding.
  • Objective external peer evaluation.
  • Closer links with CIS and other international schools.
  • Confirmation of school's needs.
  • A school plan for the future.

TSIS has been granted Candidate Status for CIS Accreditation. My congratulations go to you and your school community on this achievement. Mr. Peter Gittins reported on many positive school features which support the recommendation for Accreditation Candidacy. These include:

The outstanding commitment and dedication of the Chairman in particular, and Board of Governors in general, to the ongoing development of TSIS.

The high level of professionalism, dedication and commitment to the student growth and development demonstrated by the faculty and administration of the school.

The core values of the school which are actively embraced and ‘lived’ by students, faculty and administrators.

The strong support of, and commitment to, Accreditation as a tool for school improvement demonstrated by the school community.

The fundamental commitment to student welfare.

Our Campus
Thai Sikh International School provides unique International Education. In the modern era, where most of the schools function in compact locations, TSIS has a sprawling campus of 13 acres in a salubrious environment in Bangkok city. Admired as an ideal institution for International Education, the school is on the verge of receiving Accreditation by the Council of International Schools for maintaining highest standards. At a time when the youth of the schools around the world are grappling with the problems of Drugs, Violence and other forms of indiscipline, TSIS has a spiritual environment nurturing healthy personalities. The school has the most sought after attributes of ‘Safety and Successful growth’ in the Global Scenario.

In Academics, we’ve world toppers, and in sports and games we’ve players of National Caliber. Hundreds of students excelling in various top niche professions the world over, bear testimony to our high quality International Education.
Pre-primary & Primary Education (Bangkok Campus)

This non-profit organization is structured in two ideal locations – one at the heart of the city and the other at the eastern edge of the Bangkok city. The tiny tots joining the Kinder Garden classes of the Junior School are provided with the endearing package of Pre-primary and Primary Education. Here, the shining stars blossom and progress into the Middle School.

Middle School, High School and Advanced Level (Bangna Campus)

The Middle School, High School and Advanced Level Programmes are structured on the strong International Foundations of the Cambridge Syllabus; and these are further enriched by the unique Total Student Development Programme (TSDP) and Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) which transform our students into world class citizens.

School Facilities
In order to facilitate the education and total development of the student, TSIS offer a sophisticated facilities non like other international school in town.
Air-conditioned class rooms
In class computer and LCD projector
Physics Lab
Chemistry Lab
Biology Lab
Computer Lab
Language room
Football field
2 basketball courts
Tennis court
Volleybal court
400 meters track
Cricket ground
25 meters swimming pool
Beyond Academic
Art room
Music room
Band room
Assembly Hall
Prayer hall
Language room
School transportation
Boy’s Block
Girl’s Block
A Level’s Block
Administrative Office
Conference Office
New Indoor Auditorium, Gymnasium & Futsal Court
Future Developments
New Auditorium - Indoor Gymnasium
Basketball court
Volleyball court
Games room